Wall Paddles


Stand-up paddles showcased against exposed concrete walls. Mounts cut from 1/2" x 1/2" balsa wood at a length of 3 1/2". Stained with a walnut topcoat over an oak base. Attached with clear adhesive. 2015.


CDV Brochure

CDV brochure photo

Wrapped in a hearty wood-grain cover, and wearing a foil stamp logo, this 24-page brochure blends mountain aesthetics with luxury development potential. Piece measures approximately 8" wide by 6" tall. 2014.


Stone, Steel & Scraps


Mixed media wall sculpture from various natural and manufactured woods, corrugated metal, slate, and granite. Piece measures approximately 6' wide by 3' tall.  The relief varies from roughly three to five inches. 2011.


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