Beaches, Bridges, and Beer

Anyone transitioning back into higher education after the freedom and free time of a professional life should do it like Lauren and I have...With style. ;)

Properly executed, this lifestyle segue should be channeled through a binge of excellent adventures, scrumptious meals, and social gallivanting. Our rationale? Well, law school, as in our cases, means you can pretty much kiss your life of normalcy goodbye for a year or more. Additionally, income potential has been reduced to a hodgepodge of scholarships, savings, and student loans. Between all of that, we decided it would suck if we couldn't remember the last time we had a truly ridiculous amount of fun half way into our first year of this grueling trek through Academialand.

So, over the past two weeks, with our downtown PDX home base all tidied and livable, we set out to try the best restaurants, take fun pictures, meet new classmates, try a quadrillion beers at the Portland International Beerfest, and explore clandestine sea caves. All of this among other cool stuff, of course.

Portland Moonrise.jpg

I can tell you that our plan was, is, and will be (for the remaining days until classes hit full swing) an absolute riot! Our future holds waterfalls, even more trail time, some bicycle adventures, food carts (KOI Fusion is the bomb!), maybe a movie, definitely some milkshakes from Salt + Straw, and Cards Against Humanity with some fellow 1Ls. Soak it up while we can!!! Oh, and whiskey! How could I forget that?!